Two Projects Unveiled To Relieve Truck Traffic Around CenterPoint in Joliet

Proposed Houbolt toll bridge

Two projects to be completed at the same time are expected to save truckers 15 minutes and reduce congestion on Route 53.The Houbolt Project will build a diverging diamond interchange underneath I-80 at Houbolt Road and cost 22-million dollars. This project is funded by Joliet and IDOT. The southern extension of Houbolt Road over the Des Plaines River will be a toll road and cost 160-million dollars and paid by CenterPoint. Chief development officer for CenterPoint, Michael Murphy says the closing of Walter Strawn Drive in Elwood prompted action. The Houbolt tollroad is the only way to give “truckers a direct path to I-80.” Arsenal will remain a freeway.

This is the first time CenterPoint has built a bridge with private funds. That bridge will be a toll road so CenterPoint can recoup costs. But the goal is to save truckers time. The benefit of saving truckers anywhere from 12 to 15 minutes should be incentive to get truckers off Arsenal Road and Route 53.

The projects are to be completed and opened at the same time. Expected completion is the spring of 2021.


Diverging Diamond Interchange Houbolt and I-80


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