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Vacuum Maker To Produce New Ventilators

  • UK-based vacuum maker Dyson says it’s developed a new ventilator and will produce 15,000 of them by early next month.
  • Company founder Jamie Dyson says the new device, called the ‘CoVent’, can be made “quickly, efficiently, and at volume”.
  • The UK government has already ordered 10,000 CoVents and Dyson says the company will donate 5,000 more.  The machines are expected to be ready by early April
  • What kind of surfaces are most susceptible for coronavirus to live on?
  • Smooth surfaces like plastic and metal carry a high risk.
  • Surfaces that get plenty of traffic like doorknobs, faucets, and phones. Computer mice and toilet handles also see plenty of touching. Indoor surfaces are riskier than outdoor ones because UV rays can kill off some viruses.
  • How do you protect yourself? Do what medical experts have been saying. Wash your hands for 20 seconds after contact. Stop touching your face. Make sure you can clean riskier surfaces on a regular basis. In public places, avoid touching surfaces if you can and use disinfecting wipes to clean surfaces used by many people.
  • Pistons forward Christian Wood is “feeling great” following a bout with the coronavirus, his agent says.
  • Wood, who’s been in self-isolation since he tested positive for the virus on March 14th, has “fully recovered,” says Adam Pensack. The sports agent did not say how Wood treated the virus.
  • The Jazz’s Rudy Gobert and Donavan Mitchell were the first NBA players to contract the virus. The Pistons played the Jazz on March 7th, which is when health officials suspect one of them transmitted the virus to Wood.

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