Veterans and Native Americans Speak Out Against NorthPoint

Veterans, Native Americans and neighbors are joining forces to Stop NorthPoint and ask for the FAA to opposes annexation in an effort to protect Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery from NorthPoint Development’s trucking warehouses. The group says the impact of tens of thousands of trucks, will result in smog and noise on the solemn cemetery.

Numerous veterans groups and others are sending a joint letter to the FAA requesting that the agency follow its legal obligation of the Section 106 process to determine if any of the 14 notable historical sites within Jackson Township are worthy of National Historic Act protection. Those sites are:

– Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery
– Reed’s Grove Cemetery
– Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
– Grant Creek Site
– Historic Route 66
– Old Route 66
– Brown Cemetery
– Troutman’s Grove Cemetery
– North Providence Ridge Cemetery
– Boylan-Noel Farmstead
– Coldwater Century Farmstead
– Midewin Buffer District
– Multiple Historically Significant Farmsteads and Landmarks