Village of Frankfort Greenlights Pfeiffer Road Extension Project for Expansion

The Village of Frankfort is excited to announce the approval of the Pfeiffer Road Extension Project, a significant step forward in expanding the village’s infrastructure to meet the growing needs of its residents.

The Pfeiffer Road Extension Project aims to enhance connectivity, alleviate traffic congestion, and promote accessibility within the community. This comprehensive initiative entails the construction of a state-of-the-art two-lane boulevard road, complete with a multi-use path, sidewalk, street lighting, landscaping, and an integrated stormwater management system. This project will link U.S. 30 to Colorado Ave and St Francis Road, opening new avenues for commuting and residential activities.

Central Route 30 Corridor/Village of Frankfort
Central Route 30 Corridor Ariel View/Village of Frankfort

The project approval follows the Village of Frankfort’s 2040 award winning comprehensive plan which involved input from stakeholders, including residents, businesses, and transportation experts. The Village of Frankfort remains committed to ensuring that the project implementation aligns with the community’s needs and values.

“By approving the Pfeiffer Road Extension Project, the Village of Frankfort is taking a significant stride towards enhancing the quality of life for our residents,” stated Mayor Keith Ogle. “This expansion will not only enhance connectivity but also contribute to community development and the overall aesthetic and functionality of our urban landscape. We are enthusiastic about the potential benefits this project will bring to our community.

Among the four bids received, Austin Tyler Construction, Inc. has emerged as the preferred choice for this important endeavor. The Village Board, following a rigorous evaluation process, formally approved the bid in amount of $3,939,594.71 at their August 7th board meeting.

The Pfeiffer Road Extension Project is scheduled to commence construction at the end of August. The Village of Frankfort will work closely with the contractor to minimize disruptions and keep residents informed about the project’s progress. Updates will be available through the village’s official website at

Village of Frankfort press release