Violent Week At Joliet High Schools

It was a violent week at Joliet high schools due to fights and a shooting just off campus at Joliet Central. It happened on Thursday, March 23 and resulted in the arrest of four individuals with the school being placed on lockdown. Across town WJOL received reports of multiple fights throughout the week at Joliet West including an all out brawl in the cafeteria on Wednesday. WJOL reached out to the school district for a comment on what took place.

We asked, regrading the brawl in Joliet West cafeteria that involved homemade weapons…padlocks placed in socks and used in the fight?


“There was a physical altercation at West on Wednesday that included a padlock. The Joliet Police Department was contacted by our School Resource Officer, and we are following our discipline policies and procedures.”

After viewing the video, WJOL’s Scott Slocum said it that was brawl that involved multiple people not just a physical altercation.

For a more detailed description of what happened, WJOL contacted the Joliet Police Department.

“On March 22, 2023 at 11:30 AM, the Joliet Police Detective assigned as a liaison to Joliet West High School was notified of a fight in the cafeteria. Upon arrival, the liaison along with school deans, security guards, and lunchroom staff worked to intervene and stop a large fight that involved at least ten female students. The fight caused a large disturbance in the cafeteria as other students began to crowd around and record the large fight on their phones. It is believed that one of the female students involved in the fight was swinging a sock with a gym lock inside of it at other students. One of the females involved in the fight sustained an injury to her face and was treated by school nursing staff. Investigation in this fight is still ongoing as the Detective and school staff continue to work through both surveillance and cell phone video footage of the incident.”

WJOL has reached out to Joliet Township School Board President Frank Edmon for his reaction to last week and what is being done to curb school violence.

To hear Scott’s response on WJOL click here.