VVSD K-12 Hybrid Learners Begin Four Full Days per Week On-Site Learning  After Spring Break

Valley View Community School District 365U will take its next step forward in moving toward the goal of returning all learners to their classrooms when hybrid learning students begin attending in-person classes four days per week after Spring Break. Hybrid learning students in kindergarten-5th grade, 6th grade, high school freshmen and seniors begin attending four full days per week on Tuesday, April 13. Hybrid learning students in 7th-8th grade, high school sophomores and juniors begin attending four full days per week Tuesday, April 20.

“The VVSD Board of Education applauds the diligence by VVSD staff, Union Leaders and District and Building Administration in problem solving during an unprecedented set of circumstances,” said VVSD Board of Education President Mr. Steve Quigley. “VVSD has properly placed health and safety at the top of the priority list, while also finding creative and appropriate solutions to best meet the needs of our students within the requirements established by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois State Board of Education. We all want our kids in school as much as possible and we are committed to doing so safely.” Last week, the IDPH and ISBE provided updated guidance regarding two key health and safety guidelines for in-person attendance. Specifically:

 Distance requirements for in-person learning is now defined as three to six feet for students and fully vaccinated staff.
 Capacity limits for in-person learning, including non-academic school hour activities such as lunch, are now determined by the space’s ability to accommodate social distancing, and not a set capacity limit number or percentage.

“During the last year, we have taken steady, incremental steps to return to our classrooms when data and official directives indicate that it is safe to do so”, said VVSD Superintendent of Schools Rachel Kinder, Ed.S. “At the same time, we have worked to provide a high level of support and service for our learners at home. We have also been proactive in taking additional steps in health and safety measures, most recently coordinating the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to nearly 80% of VVSD staff members to allow for advancement of our goals.”

The following are additional key points for hybrid learning students attending in-person classes four days per week:
 Bus service and lunch service will continue to be provided
 Mondays remain full remote learning days with early release schedule for all
 Recommendations/requests for on-site attendance for Remote Learners will be considered based on
available space and student need
 Remote Learners will continue to livestream into the classroom at the middle and high school levels
 Additional communication will be provided by the school buildings

“This is a huge step forward in moving toward our goal of returning all learners to our classrooms and requires that we continue our diligence in following health and safety precautions both inside and outside of schools,” Kinder said. “It also requires that we continue to work together to ensure that we build upon our success, grow this spring, finish the school year strong, and come back together stronger than ever next fall.”

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