Valley View School District 365U is the recipient of a rebate totaling $478,528 from ComEd for the installation of solar panels at Jane Addams, Humphrey, and Lukancic Middle Schools, along with B.J. Ward and Jamie McGee Elementary Schools.

VVSD earned the rebate for its commitment to solar energy and by applying to ComEd’s distributed generation program which encourages commercial and industrial customers to develop and use sources of renewable energy.

“Obviously, we are pleased with the amount of the rebate because it allows us to use the financial resources provided by our community in other areas that directly impact student learning,” said VVSD Board of Education President Mr. Steve Quigley. “We are also proud of the leadership role VVSD has taken in utilizing solar energy technology.” The Board approved installation of the solar panels was completed in summer 2017.

“ComEd was able to recognize early in the process the value that solar was going to provide to us,” said Mr. Scott Vogt, ComEd Vice President for Energy Acquisition. “We wanted to compensate customers like Valley View School District who took the effort and deployed solar for their own benefit, and in their case, the benefit of the taxpayers who support the District.”

The panels are capable of producing enough electricity to meet about half of the electricity needs at each of
the five schools.

In addition to the amount of the rebate, VVSD has realized an estimated energy cost savings of approximately $600,000 since the solar panels became operational, according to Mr. Michael Lopez, VVSD Director of Facility Operations.

Solar panels installed at 5 schools in VVSD