Walsh Supports United Auto Workers Union Amidst Nationwide Strike

State Rep. Larry Walsh, D-Elwood, is standing behind the United Auto Workers (UAW) members who have recently expanded their strike efforts to Illinois. The ongoing strikes emphasize the fight for fair wages, better working conditions and a secure future for all union members.

Walsh is applauding the resilience and dedication demonstrated by UAW members and acknowledges the necessity of their actions to usher in much-needed reforms in the automotive industry. It is very concerning to many UAW members that they are unable to afford the very vehicles they diligently work to produce. He believes that their fight echoes the broader battle for workers’ rights and justice in workplaces across the state and nation.

“The expansion of the UAW strikes to Illinois underscores a crucial discourse surrounding the stark contrast between the soaring CEO salaries and the stagnant wages of hardworking auto workers, especially considering the not-so-distant memory of taxpayers bailing out the auto industry. It’s a clear reminder that a level playing field and fair compensation of everyone’s hard work is what will make our auto industry strong and resilient,” said Walsh.

Walsh remains committed to working tirelessly alongside UAW members and other stakeholders to ensure that the rights of workers are upheld, and that the automotive industry in Illinois and beyond becomes a realm of opportunity, growth, and fairness for all.