Water Service Restored to Far East Joliet; Boil Order in Place for Minimum 18 Hours

Water service has been restored to the far east side neighborhoods impacted by the water outage yesterday with the exception of the 1200 Block of Fairview Avenue. Water service on Fairview should be restored within the next two hours.  If you do not have water, please call 815-724-4220.

A precautionary boil order is in effect for the following neighborhoods only:  Bee Dee Highlands, Chestnut Pointe, Edge Creek, Forest Park, Liberty Meadows, Maple Springs, Neufairfield, Parkwood, Pine Needle, Ridgewood, Springview, Thunder Ridge, and Weston Way.

Water samples will be collected later this morning and the boil order will be in effect a minimum of 18 hours from the point that the testing begins in order to ensure water quality has been restored.

Customers elsewhere in the City, with the exception of the subdivisions listed above, are not impacted by the boil order.


City of Joliet press release