We Salute Willowbrook Ford

1340 WJOL would like to salute Willowbrook Ford for the huge impact they have on our local community!

Lower prices, exceptional trade in values and a better buying experience at Willowbrook Ford. Where trading in and trading up to a new ford is easy! 7301 Kingery Highway in Willowbrook or at willowbrookford.net
When our hometown auto dealers are doing well, the positive benefits are felt  throughout our entire area! In fact, last year alone, car dealers had an economic impact of over $10.8 billion statewide, and they created over 119,000 jobs in our local Communities!  A thriving auto dealer brings more customers to our shops, restaurants, and service industries. With new car and truck inventory now back on the lots, we are all driving in the right direction! With all of this in mind, 1340 WJOL salutes the many local car dealers across our great state!  It’s a great time to buy, so next time you drive past a local car dealer, drop in and take a look. They’re not just selling cars: they’re fueling our local economy!