Will County Sheriff’s Office is sharing details on a new phishing scam that has come to the area. This scam is not new however the Sheriff’s Office would like residents to be vigilant as we are regularly searching for information and updates regarding the virus. The Phishing scam sends a text message or email with a link that looks legitimate or may impersonate someone you know or a platform that you trust.

Some examples of phishing emails are: offers of new prevention/ treatment, how to get vaccinated for free, demands of urgent action for delivery of test kits, coronavirus safety and prevention instructions. In many of these scams, the emails and texts appear to come from the World Health Organization or the CDC. When the unsuspecting person clicks on the link the site will execute malicious software that will run in the background of your phone or computer and can collect your private data. This may lead to ransomware which may lock up your device or hold a company or individuals data for ransom.

As the fears of Covid-19 pandemic increase, the likelihood of otherwise cautious residents will click on suspicious links.
Some common sense measures include: Check out the senders email address – make sure the contact name matches the actual email address – look for unusual misspellings in the address: Try not to click on links until you have checked out the domain address: Do not download files from unfamiliar people on computers or phones: Take a minute to use another medium to verify the sender.