The Will County Executive Office and Will County Health Department announced another milestone in beating the COVID-19 virus by opening Community Vaccination Clinics in
Wilmington beginning the week of March 22 and Monee beginning the week of March 29. The two locations will provide access to vaccinations for residents and workers in Will County
who qualify under Phase1B.

“Access to vaccinations is vital to winning the battle against the devastating effect of COVID-19 and getting our county back to normal,” said Jennifer Bertino Tarrant, County Executive. “These
two clinics will provide critical access to our people who live and work in Will County.”

The clinics will provide vaccinations by appointment only, will be open Tuesday-Sunday and will begin vaccinating residents who qualify under Phase 1B.

“The opening of these two clinics will allow the Will County Health Department’s Vaccine Action Team to triple our current vaccination capacity,” said Sue Olenek, Executive Director of the Will
County Health Department. “We want to encourage everyone who meets the criteria for Phase IB to register for the vaccination clinics at”

Will County residents who qualify for Phase 1B and are registered and live in southern or eastern Will County will receive an email, text or phone call with an invitation to schedule their
appointment at their respective clinic. Phase 1B includes residents 65 or older and essential front-line workers. This includes first responders, teachers, postal service workers, grocery story workers, public transit workers, manufacturing workers, food and agriculture workers, shelters/adult day care staff and residents. Visit for a complete list of eligible people.

“We are grateful to the Health Department for recognizing the lack of current vaccination locations in our area and opening this clinic so that our most vulnerable residents can get an
appointment to be vaccinated,” said Joe Van Duyne, County Board member from Wilmington.