Will County Board approves FY 2023 Budget; says goodbye to members leaving

The Will County Board approved the FY 2023 budget that will begin on December 1, 2022. The budget includes $255 million from the corporate fund and $527 million in the special revenue funds for a total budget of $782 million. The budget is balanced, meets all debt obligations, and provides funding for annual payments to the Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) and funding for IMRF pension payments. In addition, several other key initiatives are funded in this new budget plan.

“As we conclude the work of this two-year board cycle, we can be proud of the work that we have done to advance the interests of our County,” said Board Speaker Mimi Cowan. “We are funding key programs that will make a difference in residents’ lives, while also lowering the county tax rate in difficult times. I thank all of the board members, but especially those that are leaving after today’s meeting.” The Board reduced the proposed tax levy in the proposed budget presented earlier this year from 5% to 2.5% which still allowed for additional dollars for the States Attorney, Sheriff, and Health Department. The FY 23 budget also includes funding for the United Way 211 system, Will Ride paratransit program, and housing assistance efforts.

“The Board has worked together to maintain the AA+ bond rating for the county and meet our cash reserve policy goals,” said Minority Leader Mike Fricilone. “These types of sound fiscal practices have allowed Will County to continue to advance critical efforts while not burdening our residents with higher taxes. I am especially proud of the work that we are doing to assist the Children Advocacy Center (CAC).” The County Board has allocated funding to support the construction of a new, modern morgue, improvements at the Will County adult detention facility (ADF), and support for several critical IT upgrades that protect the county against cyber attacks on the County’s technology systems.

“We are proud that while we have managed the revenue that taxpayers provide to their county government, we are advancing key infrastructure and IT projects that will keep county government moving and doing it in a cost-effective way,” said Majority Leader Meta Mueller. “We also recognized thirteen outgoing Board Members. We will miss their experience and friendship and we wish them good luck in their future endeavors.”

The County’s new fiscal year begins December 1, 2022. The new County Board will formally be sworn in on Monday, December 5th and will begin formal committee meetings on December 8, 2022.