Will County Board Approves Purchase of Election Equipment

The Will County Board voted to approve the purchase of election equipment for the Will County Clerk’s office using $7.8 million dollars from the General Reserve.
Lauren Staley Ferry, Will County Clerk reports that election equipment and software systems owned and operated by the Will County Clerk’s Office have either exceeded life expectancy or are nearing end of life status. The Clerk’s office conducted an exhaustive review process that involved more than 40 interviews, demonstrations, and site visits.

“Safe and effective voting equipment is one of the biggest responsibilities we have to the voters of Will County,” said Judy Ogalla, Chairman of the Will County Board. “The Board recognized the need to update the system that the Clerk’s office is using at this time and chose to move swiftly to have this new system available for the 2024 election cycle.”

County Board Member and Democratic Caucus Leader, Jackie Traynere stated: “The hope of the Board is that this new equipment will be a viable option for many election cycles to come no matter what changes might come to the election laws in Illinois.”

County Board Finance Chair, Jim Richmond, stated: “There was a lot of debate regarding the most cost-effective way to fund this necessary project. The County Board decision to use reserve funds prevents the need to take out loans to purchase this equipment and still allows for a healthy and necessary cash reserve.”