Will County Board members on Thursday condemned instances of racism, religious intolerance, and xenophobia that have recently been witnessed throughout the Chicago area and in Will County.

“As a county board, we are responsible for protecting the health and safety of the residents of Will County,” said County Board Speaker Denise Winfrey (D-Joliet). “Hatred, whether of race, religion or sexual orientation is dangerous. Our County will not tolerate it in any of our communities.”

“These kinds of hate have no place in Will County, or Illinois,” said County Board Member Amanda Koch (D-Frankfort). “Our county is a diverse one and we celebrate that diversity because it makes us stronger.”

The County Board continually works to promote inclusiveness and equality. In January an Imam was invited to give the opening invocation at the County Board Meeting.

There is no place for symbols or acts of hate in our communities,” said County Board Member Jim Moustis (R-Frankfort).