The Chief of Staff for the Will County Executive says the Executive is not going anywhere. Rumors began swirling on Tuesday morning stating that Executive Larry Walsh, would not be finishing his term, set to expire in 2020. Nick Palmer, who is the current Chief of Staff, told WJOL on Tuesday afternoon that despite recent health problems, Walsh anticipates finishing out his term.

“Let me just say unequivocally that the County Executive’s plan has always been, from the start of this term, is to serve until the end of this term. The voters of Will County elected him to that 4th term and he takes that role very seriously,” said Palmer to WJOL.

Palmer says that even with the recurrence of Walsh’s cancer and the fact that he is also currently undergoing chemotherapy, Walsh has been keeping an active schedule both professionally and personally.

“He’s very upbeat about his treatment and has been from the start. He’s had the support of those around since the start of his treatment and it’s been going very successfully.”

Walsh has been the County Executive since 2004.


You can listen to Nick Palmer’s entire interview with Kevin Kollins here.