Will County Clerk Lauren Staley Ferry Seeks Election Judges For 2024 Elections;  Plans To Add 500 Qualified Judges From Both Parties To The Roster

Will County Clerk Lauren Staley Ferry strongly encourages individuals from both major political parties to apply to serve as Election Judges in the March 19, 2024 General Primary Election and the November 5, 2024 Presidential Election.

County Clerk Staley Ferry last week began the process of training roughly 1,500 Election Judges, most with prior experience, to work with new, state-of-the-art election equipment that was purchased earlier this summer. This equipment, which includes new ballot counters, ADA voting devices, and electronic pollbooks, will be used in Will County for the first time in the March 19, 2024 General Primary Election.

Will County Clerk Lauren Staley Ferry has begun the process of training Election Judges for the 2024 General Primary and Presidential Elections. The County Clerk is pressing to recruit as many as 500 additional qualified Election Judges to train for service in next year’s elections. Visit willcountyclerk.gov for information and to apply.

In the coming weeks and months, the County Clerk hopes to recruit and train as many as 500 additional Election Judges from both political parties to serve in the Primary Election as well as in the General Election. She expects tremendous interest and a high voter turnout for both 2024 elections. The additional Election Judges will ensure that these high-profile elections are fully staffed and that they will run smoothly.

“Election Judges play the most important role in ensuring fair and transparent elections by providing all qualified voters with access to the ballot,” County Clerk Staley Ferry said. “Every Election Judge who trains before the Primary Election and meets the qualifications to serve will be assigned to a Polling Place on Election Day.”

The County Clerk strongly encourages local college students as well as juniors and seniors in high school to register for training. High school students must be juniors or senior in good standing; maintain a GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0; obtain written approval from principal, teacher, and parent; and successfully complete the training sessions.

“My hope is to inspire civic involvement in our students and to build a roster for the next generation of qualified Election Judges,” she said. “Young people must become engaged in our elections to understand and appreciate the foundation of our democracy.”

Election Judge Pay Increase

There are financial benefits to serving as an Election Judge. Earlier this year, County Clerk Staley Ferry secured a significant pay increase for Election Judges, who are now paid $200 for training and working on Election Day. Previous compensation for training and working on Election Day totaled $150.

Election Judges who train to use the new equipment prior to the March 19 Primary Election and who serve in that election will receive an additional $50 above the $200 to compensate them for the added instruction.

Election Judge applicants must live in Will County, be registered to vote, and complete training. A County Clerk staff member will contact applicants and returning Judges to schedule training.

Interested individuals can apply to be an Election Judge and to schedule training by visiting willcountyclerk.gov and clicking on Elections and then Election Judges. The Election Judges page contains additional information about this important service. Or they may email the County Clerk’s Office at [email protected].