The Twelfth Judicial Circuit remains committed to carrying out its essential functions while taking the steps necessary to minimize the risk to the public and employees of contracting the COVID19 Coronavirus. Even though Will County has not experienced any cases, the Court has acted to minimize risk and remains in contact with our State and local health officials to ensure that all reasonable steps are being taken. The following is a summary of those steps

Through cooperation with the County Executive and County Board, the Court facilities undergo a thorough cleaning and disinfection regime every evening. Additional hand sanitizer stations have been installed at elevator locations in the Courthouse. CDC information has been posted in multiple locations throughout Court facilities. Although, current operations remain unchanged, the Court is reviewing juror utilization, marriage ceremonies and other operational concerns to ensure that should it become necessary, action can be taken to reduce inperson contact We have instructed all employees, jurors and other Courthouse patrons to remain home if they are ill. We recommend that litigants who feel ill and who have cases scheduled with the Court, contact the opposing counsel (or party) and seek an agreed continuance. If that is not possible, contact the Circuit Clerks Office and inform them of your inability to attend Court. Judges will evaluate requests for continuances on a casebycase basis. The Court may require that you provide medical documentation to support your request

COVID19 has created significant disruptions throughout the world. It presents all of us with many challenges. The Twelfth Judicial Circuit will continue to face these challenges and take whatever steps may be necessary to alleviate risk while continuing to conduct its essential functions. The Court greatly appreciates the cooperation of the County Executive, the County Board and all justicerelated partners in its efforts in this regard.