Will County Health Department Still Recommends Masks In Schools

Aware of the most recent judicial rulings regarding schools and their practices with respect to COVID-19 mitigation strategies, Will County Health Department [WCHD] wants to reaffirm its recommendation that schools follow the most recent Illinois Department of Public Health [IDPH] school guidance concerning masking, testing, quarantine and isolation.

Not all school districts are affected by this temporary restraining order. The ruling only applies to the specific individuals and school districts named in the suit. Any school district that has questions or concerns about these rulings and their local implications will need to work with their respective legal counsel.

WCHD’s position is that any school districts not affected by the temporary restraining order, should continue to follow and to enforce current IDPH school guidance. Additionally, for those school districts required to continue enforcing existing IDPH guidelines, WCHD is prepared to offer its support.

While WCHD recognizes that schools have the authority to determine what mitigation strategies will work best in their schools, WCHD strongly recommends that schools continue to use a layered approach to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Will County Health Department press release