Will County Health Department Will Do Reverse 911 Email To Contact Seniors For Vaccines

In just over one week, the Joliet Fire Department will have completed vaccinating educators at the Joliet West Field House.  In the first week, they were scheduled to get through 900 vaccinations but they were able to vaccinate about 2,000 people which means they can begin to turn their attention to people over the age of 65 beginning Wednesday.

Joliet Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Carey has been at the forefront of organizing the vaccines at the Field House and says with all the volunteers they have the ability to vaccinate at least 5,000 people a week.

The Will County Health Department will be implementing a reverse 911 email to get in contact with those who signed up on the Will County Health Department website. The 65 and older clinic will also begin at Silver Cross Hospital. The Will County Health Department will be contacting over 61,000 seniors who have signed up for the vaccine. Carey says there has been an overwhelming amount of support from volunteer fire fighters, nurses and even Joliet Councilwoman Jan Quillman who is a registered nurse.

Also, if there are vaccines left over toward the end of the day, they begin calling people over the age of 65 to come in for the first dose.

To sign up for a vaccination in Will County click here.


Joliet Fire Department administer vaccines at Joliet West Field House