Will County Judge Roger Rickmon has granted a temporary restraining order to prevent the city of Joliet from beginning the annexation of 355 acres of land which would eventually become the the 1,200 acre Compass Business Park. The village of Elwood is attempting to stop the city of Joliet and NorthPoint from annexing the land in question. Joliet Mayor bob O’Dekirk says this entire injunction in centered around the notice of a spring city plan commission meeting. He tells WJOL that the plan commission hearing may have to be reheld with new procedures in place that would allow some opponents of the project to cross examine NorthPoint representatives.

It was in April that Joliet approved a pre-annexation agreement with NorthPoint on the logistics park. The emergency injunction to stop the annexation vote pushes the can down the road. The mayor went so far as to say that these legal tactics won’t stop Joliet’s plans for the future

“There’s  nothing that’s been filed that would stop it (NorthPoint).”

Tuesday night, Joliet was to officially hold its first vote on the annexation of land for the logistics park, but with the injunction in place the city has now delayed that vote. The mayor also said that no timetable for a hearing has been set.