The Will County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls from residents in the past week reporting that they are receiving calls from a Sheriff’s Office Sergeant who is attempting to solicit their personal information.  Residents have reported the (imposter) caller has a ‘southern drawl’. He is identifying himself, using the first and last name of an actual Sergeant who is employed here.   The caller ID number is also an actual phone number from our department.   The Sheriff’s Office is advising citizens that this is a scam!

Last week,  it was also brought to the Sheriff’s Office’s attention that a caller, identifying himself as “Detective Brown, from the Will County Sheriff’s Department”, had called a registered sex offender stating that they had a subpoena for him and that the sex offender needed to drop off money to a specific location in order to get back into compliance with the law.   The sex offender was already in compliance and was informed that we do not have a Detective Brown and we do not call sex offenders and ask for compliance money.

Although we make every attempt at informing citizens of the most recent scams that are being reported, these scam artists continually come up with different angles and sophisticated ways to trick unsuspecting individuals out of their money.   Please take note – The Will County Sheriff’s Office does not solicit residents’ personal information over the phone, we do not call residents for fundraising reasons, nor do we make threatening phone calls to residents regarding payments for warrants, sex offender compliance or  a no-show at jury duty. 

If you are skeptical of a call you have received, take the callers information and call the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at 815-727-8575.

Please share this information with your friends and neighbors and inform any elderly folks that may fall victim to these scams.