Will County Sheriff Mike Kelley is announcing that one of his deputies has tested positive for Covid-19.  This is the first Sheriff’s employee who has been reported with the virus.  The male deputy is a member of the Sheriff’s Gang Suppression Unit and began experiencing symptoms 10 days ago.  The deputy is at home and has self-quarantined since then.  Approximately two weeks ago, the deputy and three other Sheriff’s deputies from the Gang Suppression Unit, and an officer from an outside agency, were performing a narcotics seizure and were in close proximity to each other.  It is believed that it was during that seizure that the deputy contracted the virus.  The other officers have been tested, are at home, and awaiting test results.  The officer from the outside agency is experiencing symptoms; the three Sheriff’s deputies are currently symptom-free.

Sheriff Kelley was also notified today that the Director of nursing who works for Wellpath, the medical provider who is contracted for the Adult Detention Facility, has also tested positive for Covid-19.  The Director does not interact with detention facility staff nor inmates and had no contact with anyone inside the facility.  She began feeling ill on Thursday, April 2nd and is currently at home.

Sheriff Kelley, his command staff, and employees of the Sheriff’s Office, are troubled by this news but remain vigilant and are closely monitoring and following recommended state and federal guidelines during this outbreak as they continue to keep our communities safe.