Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow and Will County Sheriff Mike Kelley announced that Jesus Larosa has been convicted of murdering an 85-year- old Crete Township man in 2014. The victim, Alfred Hilton, was found severely beaten and strangled to death with a telephone cord in the kitchen of his home on the 3200 block of Bemes Road. His body was discovered on May 14, 2014, after he missed a church event. The home had been ransacked, and two televisions and a BB gun were stolen.

Will County Sheriff’s detectives worked diligently on the case for fifteen months, following hundreds of tips and leads. In March 2016, a tip came in which enabled Sheriff’s detectives to identify Larosa as a new suspect. After the warrant was issued for his arrest, Larosa fled to Alabama. Spearheaded by Sheriff’s detectives, a multi-state manhunt ensued. In April 2016, Larosa was apprehended in Dallas, Texas, and brought back to Will County for prosecution

The jury deliberated for approximately four and a half hours before finding Larosa guilty on three counts of first degree murder. Sentencing is scheduled for May 17. Larosa served 20 years for a prior murder conviction and was out on parole when Mr. Hilton was murdered. He faces a mandatory life sentence. “Jesus Larosa is a ruthless killer who savagely beat and strangled the life out of a defenseless senior citizen after already serving his prison sentence for committing a previous murder,” Glasgow said. “The guilty verdict here ensures that this twice- convicted murderer driven by an abandoned and malignant heart will spend the rest of his days in a cold, dark prison cell.”

Glasgow credited Will County Sheriff Mike Kelley and the Sheriff’s detectives in the Investigation Division for the dedicated and diligent investigation that enabled prosecutors to obtain a guilty verdict. These include Dan Jungles, supervisor in charge of the investigation, lead investigator Jeff Brozik, second investigator Dan Procaroine, and investigators Jim Jones and Tom Omiecinski. Glasgow also praised Assistant State’s Attorneys Deborah Mills, Britt Florin, and Marie Griffin for securing the verdict, and thanked Gus Martinucci for the technical support he provided the team.

Sheriff’s detectives would also like to extend their sincere appreciation to the Hilton family who, although faced with the senseless murder of their father, consistently extended their support and patience during the entire investigation. It is hoped that the conviction of this individual can bring some solace and a new sense of peace from this tragic incident.