Will County Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest of Arizona Sex Trafficker

The Will County Sheriff’s Office is sharing details regarding a traffic stop that led to the arrest of a sex trafficker from Arizona. It was on July 7th around 8:20am, Sheriff’s deputies were patrolling I-80 eastbound when they observed a vehicle slowing the flow of traffic. Deputies then observed the vehicle speed up and abruptly begin switching lanes in and out of traffic without signaling. Deputies followed the vehicle as it exited onto I-55 and conducted a traffic stop.

Deputies spoke with the male driver who provided a driver’s license. While deputies began checking the status of the driver’s license it was revealed that the name on the license was an alias for Kenneth Vrail George, age 38, of Los Angeles, California.  It was then discovered that George had an active fugitive warrant, dated April 24, 2020, out of  Maricopa County, Arizona for drug charges and felony sex trafficking.

Deputies informed George that the photo, nor the identifiers, matched his face on the driver’s license that he provided.  They also advised George that they were aware of his active warrant. Upon receiving this news, George began saying that he was not feeling well, laid on the ground, and would no longer answer any questions. George was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital where he was examined and cleared by medical personnel.

George refused to state his true identity, however, photos of George were provided to deputies from Maricopa County, which matched Kenneth George.  He was charged with obstructing identification and obstructing justice. Maricopa County has verified that George would be extradited on the sex trafficking charges.