Joliet City Councilwoman says there was nothing “nefarious” about a donation from a company related to NorthPoint. Sherri Reardon spoke to WJOL’s Scott Slocum and says she voted yes to reclassify 103 acres of land in Joliet from residential to light industrial this week to bring jobs to the area.  The city council voted in favor of NorthPoint 5-4. Reardon says she didn’t know the $1,000 campaign donation from East Gate Logistics Park Chicago LLC is owned by NorthPoint. Reardon received the donation in March prior to her being elected to the City Council.

When pressed on how it looks when a newcomer receives a thousand dollar campaign donation, then votes for a project to benefit that company that will forever change the landscape of Will County she says, “she had no idea,” and didn’t think it was nefarious to accept this money. She goes on to say that she was never contacted by anybody regarding the donation.

She explains why she voted yes to NorthPoint. Reardon says based on the merits she looked into, she feels it “would attract tenants like manufacturing to the area and bring higher paying jobs to residents.”

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