WJOL Exclusive: The Houbolt Road Extension Project Signed

Contracts have been signed for the Houbolt Road 200-million dollar extension. The 1.5 mile roadway project will extend from the existing Houbolt Road/Route 6 intersection south to the Schweitzer/Vetter Road intersection. The project will create a new access point to facilitate the efficient flow of traffic and safety. The route provides a more direct path for trucks to access I-80, taking traffic off local road likes Route 53. The Houbolt Road Extension Joint Venture will use an open road all-electronic toll system integrated with I-Pass.

The City of Joliet is expected to get $1-million a year from tolls and Will County expected to make $500,000 a year in collected tolls.

The Houbolt Road Extension is a business partnership between CenterPoint Properties and United Bridge Partners.

In Will County up to one-third of the country’s freight movement is generated by, attracted to, or passes through our region.

Construction of the Houbolt Road Extension-JV will in a matter of days and be completed by 2023.