Letterboxes at Joliet Post Office Taped Closed Due to Vandalism

WJOL has learned that there has been a vandalism and tampering of USPS letterboxes in the city of Joliet. As a result the boxes outside the facility at 2000 McDonough Street have been taped closed. Each box also has a note attached that reads,

Attention. Due to vandalism this box is out of service until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience. This is an attempt to safeguard all mail. Please use the indoor service located at 2000 McDonough or 51 E Clinton until further posted notice. 

This is a developing story. Stay tuned to WJOL for the latest.

WJOL story from Sept 22, 2022 below:

WJOL has learned that there’s been a string of robberies to local outside mailboxes. Sources tell us that Minooka, Channahon and Wilmington are among several post offices in Will and Grundy counties that were hit.

Apparently the thieves used crowbars in some cases to pry open the locked doors, then they would take checks found in the box.  They would “clean” them or “scrub” them and then change them and eventually cash them. There are dozens of open cases around the area being investigated by police including a reported cleaned check for over $50,000.

WJOL was told that eventually the post office is hoping to put new outdoor boxes up as a convenience to the customers.  In the meantime all that is left in most cases are slabs of concrete where the boxes one stood.