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WJOL World Tour 2019

Join Scott Slocum, WJOL, and Norwegian Cruise Line for a March sailing of the Southern Caribbean on board the Norwegian Dawn.

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Of all America’s Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico offers the most exotic aura. The mélange of indigenous Taino culture, combined with European and African influences is one major factor. Add to that its own unique influences in areas ranging from cuisine and music to history and art. The island’s biggest appeal is the old city which dates back to the 16th century.

Castries, St. Lucia: Your first look at St. Lucia’s lush coast from the deck of our ship is likely to include the island’s most dramatic geologic feature: the Pitons, two striking volcanic peaks that rise a half-mile off the southwestern coast. The island’s beauty has earned it the nickname “Helen of the West Indies.”

Bridgetown, Barbados: Barbados-or B’dos, as the locals call it-was a British territory until 1966 and remains greatly
influenced by them. Driving is on the left-hand side of the road and afternoon tea is a respected ritual. The Bajuns are open,
friendly people, proud to share their home with visitors. There’s little crime and a general sense of safety and well-being. The
easternmost of the Caribbean islands, Barbados is technically in the Atlantic Ocean.

St. John’s, Antigua: Antiguans like to boast that they have 365 beaches — one for each day of the year. And while no one counts to ensure the accuracy of this catchy marketing claim, the squiggly shaped island indeed is full of beachy gems, each with its own unique appeal. Antigua (pronounced “An-tee-gah”) has all but abandoned its agricultural heritage in favor of a tourist economy.

St. Thomas, USVI: The island offers something for just about everyone and has the infrastructure that can accommodate a huge daily cruise population influx. In addition to a duty-free shopping scene that’s virtually unparalleled, other on-the-beatentrack sites include the world-famous beach at Magens Bay and a scenic tram ride to a mountaintop.

Tortola, BVI: Tortola and most of the British Virgin Islands are mountainous, and while they boast verdant-green hills, the
climate and vegetation are much drier than many Caribbean isles. In Tortola, cactus and succulents are more common than
ferns, and rushing streams and waterfalls are virtually nonexistent. The dry climate of the islands has a beneficial side effect:
because of the lack of runoff, the water clarity is dependably higher than many other places in the Caribbean.

This ship features 14 decks with 15 dining options, 12 bars and lounges, fitness center and spa, casino, and pools. This is a smaller ship with a capacity of 2,340 passengers, refurbished in 2016. We will visit some great new ports on this trip, not to mention starting out in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The city is doing well after the hurricane and tourism areas are fully functioning.

Come sail the Caribbean with Scott!

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