You Should Get A Stimulus Check In The Next 3 Weeks

Walmart is taking some extra steps to protects its workers from the spread of coronavirus.

The retailer will begin checking each employee’s temperature when they report for work.  Any worker with a temperature over 100 degrees will be sent home for at least three days.

Additionally, Walmart plans to have more masks and gloves available for associates and will continue keeping workers at least 6 feet apart.

Under Armour has begun manufacturing medical face masks and other protective gear for health workers.

The Baltimore-based clothing company is making masks, face shields, and “specially equipped fanny packs” to distribute to 28,000 medical workers in its home staet of Maryland.

Under Armour CEO Patrik Frisk called the pandemic “an unprecedented time” and said companies who are able to help “are needed now more than ever”.

If you qualify for a coronavirus stimulus check, it should be on the way in April.

The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service announced Monday that the checks will be received in the next three weeks.

The IRS is creating an online portal to sign up so the money can get to your bank account faster than getting a check in the mail.

If you don’t normally file a tax return, you can submit a simple tax form online to be eligible for stimulus money.