Your New Next Door Neighbor Could Be A Pot Store

If you live in Joliet, right now your home must be 250 feet away from any marijuana dispensary. But if the full Joliet City Council votes like the Joliet Plan Commission did on Thursday night, that would be reduced to 50 feet. The commission last night voted to reduce the residential setback requirement for dispensaries from 250 feet to just 50 feet.

“The City’s current zoning regulations regarding the potential location of an adult-use cannabis dispensing organizations specify that these dispensaries may not be located within 250 feet from residentially-zoned areas as well as within 500 feet from a pre-existing public or private nursery school, preschool, primary or secondary school, day care center and day care home,” according to the City of Joliet’s website.

The purpose of the request is to enable more opportunities for cannabis dispensaries to locate in more zoning districts. Last night’s vote was 5-3 in favor of reducing the setback requirement. WJOL has learned that a dispensary is being considered along Plainfield Road in Joliet.

The recommendation now goes to the full city council for a final vote.