Armed And Dangerous Suspect On The Loose In Wilmington

A carjacking and search for a suspect who is armed and dangerous in Wilmington has cancelled school today in Wilmington District 209U. All four schools in the district have cancelled classes plus St. Rose Catholic School has cancelled classes as Wilmington police search for a suspect who is armed and dangerous.

Wilmington Police Chief Phillip Arnold says the carjacking began in Dolton and exited Peotone Road off of I-57 and ended in Wilmington where the car crashed into a residential neighborhood and fled on foot. An alert homeowner fired at one man and missed. The suspect is now in custody.

Chief Arnold says they are searching for a second man who described as black, 6 foot 1 and wearing blue jeans and a white shirt. He is considered armed and dangerous.

To hear the entire interview with Police chief Phillip Arnold click below.