Former Minooka School Board Member Sues Former Student For Defamation

Former Minooka High School District 111 board member Lori Lakota is suing a former Minooka High School student for defamation. Lakota resigned in May of 2019 following a public flogging for statements she says were never uttered by her. The lawsuit seeks $50,000 and states that former student Karina Carbajal created a Google doc to document racism at the high school. Carbajal wrote that Lakota stated she, “did not want a black man to teach her daughter.” Lakota vehemently denies this accusation. The statement constitutes defamation according to Lakota’s lawyer.

On February 11th of this year, Lakota was in studio prior to the pandemic and vehemently denied this accusation. Click below to hear the entire interview on the Scott Slocum show.