Illinois Drivers Among the Best in the Country

A new study ranks Illinois drivers among the best in the nation. QuoteWizard ranked Illinois 5th in the country for the best drivers, scoring well in the least amount of accidents and DUI’s, but losing points for the number of speeding tickets that are issued.

“Your drivers like to go a little bit too fast,” said researcher Nick VinZant. “Illinois had a pretty high number of speeding tickets for one of the best driving states.”

VinZant said his team also analyzed over 2 million insurance premiums as part of the study.

“If a location gets a reputation for being a bad driving place where there is a lot of accidents and a lot of different dangerous driving behaviors, that can affect everyone’s insurance so this has large ramifications for not only people but for entire areas,” said VinZant.

The study ranks New Hampshire as having the best drivers in the country, followed by West Virginia and Oklahoma. While Tennessee ranked first in the number of accidents and second in the number of DUI’s, drivers in neighboring Iowa are considered the worst in the country. Iowa became the worst by ranking high in nearly every statistical category in 2021. The state has the 12th-highest number of accidents, 6th-highest number of DUI’s, 5th-highest number of speeding tickets and second-highest number of citations.

Looking at Illinois’ other neighbors, Kentucky ranked 4th overall, Missouri came in at No. 11 and Indiana ranked 25th best. Wisconsin was ranked as having the 10th worst drivers in the country.