Settlement Reached For Former Joliet City Corporation Counsel & Interim City Manager

A  bigger settlement than was rejected a month ago for former Joliet corporation counsel Marty Shanahan. The Patch is reporting that a financial settlement has been reached to resolve a wrongful termination lawsuit filed against the City of Joliet. The settlement is more than the one rejected a month ago. Shanahan is expected to get $200,000 which is greater than the $123,000 rejected by the Joliet City Council. Within the settlement it was stipulated that Shanahan would not apply for any city of Joliet jobs for a period of two years.

Shanahan was interim city manager in 2018 and part of 2019 before reverting back to corporation counsel then was fired by interim city manager Steve Jones.

Meanwhile, Shanahan will not be running for an at-large seat on the Joliet City Council, the consolidated election is April 6th.