Bishop Richard Pates, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Joliet, announced today that the 52 Catholic schools in the diocese will open this Fall.

The bishop has appointed a task force headed by Fr. Burke Masters to prepare the schools so that each will fully comply with necessary provisions to make the particular school safe in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The stakeholders of our schools – parents and children, administrators and teachers, priests and parishioners – very much desire to see our schools fully functioning this Fall,” Bishop Pates said.

He also noted that the re-opening of diocesan parishes has gone very well, with the vast majority of parishes now celebrating Mass again. In order to open, each of the parishes had to be certified that certain, defined safety measures were in place. A similar certification process will be developed for our schools.

“All connected with our Catholic schools eagerly await the new school year to once again benefit from the academic excellence and Catholic identity that characterize these schools.”