Will County State’s Attorney Sets Up Election Fraud Line

Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow is urging citizens to report election  irregularities to his office’s Election Fraud Hotline during the Marcy 19, 2024, General Primary  Election. 

“I urge anyone who sees inappropriate activity, such as passing out campaign literature or other  acts of electioneering either inside or too close to polling places, to call the hotline I have  established,” Glasgow said. “Everyone in our community can play a critical role in helping to  preserve the integrity of our election process by staying alert for unusual activities at or near  polling places and reporting irregularities.” 

The State’s Attorney’s Election Fraud Hotline number is (815) 727-8872. 

State’s Attorney Glasgow has assigned two-person teams, each consisting of one assistant state’s  attorney and one investigator, to travel to polling places where irregularities are reported on  Election Day. 

Assistant state’s attorneys not assigned to specific teams will be available for dispatch from the  Will County State’s Attorney’s Office to investigate allegations of election irregularities reported  to the Hotline.