The Joliet City Council was hoping to pick a new City Manager at Tuesday nights regularly scheduled council meeting but a new wrinkle has been added to the search. Mayor Bob O’Dekirk has disclosed that five of the council members now want to wait to pick a new city manager until the finalists have taken an $800 a piece personality test. It was disclosed at the meeting that the initial idea came from Councilwoman Sherri Reardon. There were several Council members who did balk at the idea of administering the test given that the test was brought up to the candidates so late in the process and the fact that it would cost the taxpayers an extra $1600. It is unknown exactly what the Council is looking for from the test that would help them make their decision. It was also announced that their are now two finalists for the position narrowed down from three. Mayor Bob O’Dekirk stated that he hopes the Council would be able to select the next City Manager at their next scheduled meeting February 18th.

The Council also approved a resolution for a development with City Center Hospitality Inc. The plan is for that company to develop a Marriott Springhill Suites Hotel in Downtown Joliet at 65 N. Ottawa Street. The project would cost an estimated $17.4 million with the city to give $5 million in incentives. It is believed that the project could be completed by spring of 2021.