A 27-year-old Richton Park man has been convicted for his roll in the carjacking and kidnapping of a 69-year-old Frankfort Square woman. Dorian Yamini was convicted of aggravated kidnapping using a firearm; aggravated vehicular hijacking using a firearm; armed robbery; and aggravated vehicular hijacking of a person over the age of 60. It was on March 4th, 2013 that Yamini was accompanied by two other men, Chavell Anderson and Aaron Anderon to the 8200 block of Chestnut Court. Betty Krainick was returning home when she was approached by Aaron Anderson, who told her he had a gun. Both Chavell and Aaron Anderson attempted to place Ms. Krainik in the trunk of their car. After she pleaded with them, they instead placed her in the rear seat of their car. Aaron Anderson got into the woman’s car and drove away. The woman was driven in another car by Yamini to her bank on Cicero Avenue while Chavell Anderson sat next to her in the back seat. Both men took Ms. Krainik’s purse, obtaining her credit cards and ATM pin, and withdrew money from the automated teller. They then drove Ms. Krainik to Country Club Hills and released her unharmed shortly after midnight. She walked to a nearby gas station and called the police.

The three men were caught on surveillance video at a Walmart store in Crestwood after trying to use the woman’s credit cards. Ms. Krainik’s abandoned Saturn was located on the entrance ramp to I-57 off 167th Street. Chavell Anderson was arrested shortly after the robbery. Aaron Anderson was driving a rental car in Texas a few weeks after the robbery when a Sulphur Springs officer attempted to stop his car. He was accompanied by Yamini at the time. Aaron Anderson led police on a several-mile high-speed chase before their arrest.

Chavell and Aaron Anderson, both of Richton Park, previously pled guilty in this matter. Chavell Anderson, 27, pled guilty in 2015 to armed robbery in exchange for a 10-year sentence and under state statute is expected to serve 50 percent of the sentence. Aaron Anderson 26, pled guilty in 2017 to armed robbery. He was sentenced to 21 years in prison, and is expected to serve 50 percent of the sentence. The men were given those sentences in exchange for testifying against Yamini at trial.

Yamini faces a sentence of 21 to 45 years in prison.