Press Conference Calls for Mayor Bob O’Dekirk’s Resignation

Press Conference Calling for thr Resignation of Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk

Posted by 1340 AM WJOL Will County's News Talk Sports on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Community activists and local faith leaders held a press conference in front of Joliet City Hall on Wednesday afternoon. It was at that time that a public call was made asking for the resignation of Mayor Bob O’Dekirk. The Mayor has been embroiled in controversy since a video from May 31st went public showing the mayor in a physical confrontation with an individual during the civil unrest in Joliet that evening. The Mayor told WJOL that he was attacked and defended himself during the incident. During the press conference it was stated that the attack by the mayor was not provoked by the victim nor was the Mayor being attacked from behind as he suggested. It was also stated “that the Mayor who formerly was a Joliet Police Officer has no Police Authority and no right to attack anyone.” They claim that the Mayor broke the law and must be held accountable the same as everyone else. Stay tuned to WJOL as this is a developing story.