Residents asked to weigh in on new Will County Board District Map

The Will County Board is seeking public input on the proposed county board district maps which must be redrawn every ten years following the federal census. Two draft maps are available for public review ahead of the October 21st County Board meeting where a final map will be approved. One map was recommended by the Board reapportionment committee and the other was presented by County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant.

“A strong democracy requires active participation by the public and we want Will County residents to offer comments on our two proposed County Board district maps,” said Will County Board Speaker Mimi Cowan of Naperville. “Residents can review maps at various physical locations through the county, or online, and submit written comments via email or provide comments at the October 4th public hearing.”

County Board Map:
County Executive Map:

Will County is currently divided into 13 districts represented by two county board members each. A bipartisan committee was charged with drawing an updated map. This process occurs every ten years and reflects shifts in population after the federal census was taken. The reapportionment committee reviewed demographics, housing stock, roadways and more to draw balanced districts that reflect constituent blocks with similar interests.

“We’re committed to a bipartisan process that fairly represents the people of Will County,” said map Reapportionment Committee Chair Tyler Marcum from Joliet. “We hope residents take time to look at how the districts are redrawn and give their feedback so the Board can approve the best map possible.”