“Something Happened” Testimony In First Degree Murder Trial of Outlaw Motorcycle Member

The first-degree murder trial of Jeremy Boshears resumed on Monday in Will County. Boshears is accused in the murder of 24-year old Katie Kearns.

The jury heard from Colburn “Colby” O’Neal wanted to become a full time member of the Outlaws motorcycle club called a probate. In that role he had to do whatever a full time member told him to do, including security. O’Neal knew Jeremy, a full time Outlaw member, and was with him the night that 24-year old Katie Kearns was last seen alive. On November 12, 2017 O’Neal testified that he met Katie for the first time at Woody’s bar where she worked as a bartender. Surveillance video shows both O’Neal and Jeremy arriving in the parking lot of the bar at 11:15 p.m. Video shows them in the bar and later leaving at 12:01 am November 13th. Prior to leaving the bar video shows Jeremy speaking to someone on the phone allegedly telling him to leave the bar as it’s closing. He’s seen violently throwing the phone across the bar.

Parking lot of Woody’s Bar, ONeal, Boshears and Kearns

O’Neal testified that after leaving Woody’s Bar he and Jeremy went to the Outlaws clubhouse which is a members only hangout. But Kearns was allowed in due to her knowing Boshears. O’Neal testified that he and Jeremy got into a heated argument and Jeremy head-butted him, O’Neal says he did not hit back but left the clubhouse. It was at about 2:25 a.m. that O’Neal received a call from Jeremy saying, “I need you to come back, something happened.” He was told to go to a house on Algonquin in Joliet owned by Ron and Georgia Keagle. Ron Keagle is a member of the Outlaws for 21 years. Once at the house, O’Neal was told to go back to the clubhouse and that’s when O’Neal testified that he saw “something on the floor” inside the clubhouse. He was told to open the back gate of the clubhouse.


Outlaws Clubhouse
Back of Clubhouse

O’Neal testified that he saw Jeremy and another Outlaw member rolling something up with a pool table cover and carry it to the back of a vehicle. They put something in the back of Kearns Jeep and heard Boshears says he was going to Kankakee. O’Neal and another member got cleaning supplies and a garbage can.

It is believed that Boshears and Kearns were in a romantic relationship at the time of her death. Her body was later discovered in the back of a vehicle hidden inside a barn in Kankakee County. The trial continues today and could last up to two weeks.

Side of Outlaws Clubhouse