U Of I: COVID-19- Suspension of Face-to-Face Instruction Through the End of the Semester

The University of Illinois has announced that they will suspend face-to-face instruction for the rest of the semester. The campus will remain open howevery many physical services on campus will be in liminted operation. Any student who can safely return to their permanent home for the rest of the semester is being asked to do so. The current plan calls for essential campus academic facilities (library, computer labs, etc…) to remain open, in some cases on a limited basis, to provide students with options to access online course materials. Full-semester courses will continue through alternative delivery starting March 23. The drop deadline for full-semester courses has been extended to Friday, March 27.

The university asks that if you have questions or concerns about any of your current classes, about the possibility of adding a second eight-week course or how any of this impacts your academic standing and progress toward a degree, please contact the undergraduate office in your home college.