Under SAFE-T Act Provisions Judge Rules Robert Hernandez To Remain Behind Bars

Former Joliet Housing Authority Commissioner Robert Hernandez is waking up behind bars this morning. A Will County Judge ruled that the 62-year-old poses a danger to the Joliet community and under the SAFE-T Act provisions. In Illinois, as of September 18, 2023, judges are no longer allowed to order someone charged with a crime to pay money as a condition of their pretrial release. Those charged are either held or released.

Hernandez was in court yesterday for violating a stalking/no contact order and possession of drug paraphernalia. On January 26th Hernandez was initially arrested following a traffic stop near Jefferson and O’Neill Streets, where officers observed suspected crack cocaine near the driver’s side of the vehicle. He was later released.

Since then he’s been in and out of the hospital. Meanwhile, on February 15th, the 62 year-old was charged with violating a stalking and no contact order issued on February 2nd.

Hernandez’s lawyer Jeff Tomczak was reportedly livid that Will County Judge Donald DeWilkins did not release Hernandez pending pretrial. Further, Tomczak saw Will County State’s attorneys talking and laughing and reportedly ran at them and yelled “this isn’t funny.” The ASA table all jumped up and said there weren’t talking about him. Judge DeWilkins told them all to knock it off.