A huge ice jam in the Kankakee River is worrying officials in Wilmington. Police and fire departments went door to door on Wednesday warning residents they would have to evacuate if the ice jam breaks off and slams into the docks and floods the area. Milder weather over the next few days could impact the ice jam. Police Chief Phillip Arnold  says ice has already damaged some of the boat docks.  Water running underneath the ice could flood once the ice jam breaks free and could cause a potential for flooding.

UPDATE 10:00 pm: WJOL has learned that the bridge will continue to be monitored over the next 72 hours as there is concern that the recent snow snd warmer weekend coupd exhaserbste the situation. There is also concern that a neighborhood nearby may need to be evacuated as a result of the flooding.

Evan Bredeson contributed to the update for this report.