Visible Improvement Along Kankakee River Due to Ice Jams

Residents in Wilmington have been prepared to evacuate if necessary for the last week thanks to a Flood Warning along the Kankakee River due to ice jams.

There is good news. Will County Board Member Joe VanDuyne says after all three syphons were opened from the Dresden Power Plant to divert warm water from the Dresden Energy Center cooling lake into the river, things are slowly improving.

Thanks to milder temperatures, drone air patrols have been flying to monitor the ice jam. The Will County Emergency Management Agency is anticipating a lot of movement along the river by this Thursday. As for the bridge decks, VanDuyne says the bridge decks are safe and the ice jams are traveling underneath the bridge. No damage reported to the pillars.

Kankakee River ice jam/Will County EMA drone