Will County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a New Lenox Township residence on November 29, 2019 at 8:10am regarding a missing adult male subject. Upon speaking with family members and conducting an initial investigation, it was determined that the man was leaving for work around 6:00am when he was abducted from his driveway. At 11:08am, Sheriff’s deputies were advised that the missing male subject had been dropped off in Indiana and was found unharmed. It was learned that four male black subjects wearing ski masks directed the victim at gunpoint to an SUV. The victim remained inside the vehicle while the offenders made several stops at stores and used his bankcard.

Frankfort Police Department also reported a similar incident of an armed robbery and abduction on November 16, 2019. This incident occurred at a bank in the 20800 block of S. LaGrange Road in Frankfort at 5:50am. The female victim was at the ATM and was forced to access her accounts for cash. She was driven around for three hours in her vehicle with three offenders. They made several stops at stores using her bankcards. The female victim was not harmed and was dropped off in Chicago with her vehicle.

Sheriff’s detectives believe that the suspects in the New Lenox case were fully masked, with only their eyes showing, while they were inside the stores doing individual gift card transactions to avoid a fraud alert. Sheriff’s detectives and Frankfort Police believe the two incidents are related. The Will County Sheriff’s Office and the Frankfort Police Department are asking residents to be extra cautious of their surroundings while detectives continue their intense investigation into these crimes. If anyone has information regarding these incidents, or can identify the subjects in the photos, please call the Will County Sheriff’s Office at 815-727-8574 or the Frankfort Police at 815-469-9435.