Attorney Ben Crump Representing Family of Worker Killed in Amazon Facility Destruction, Meeting with Others
Investigation commences into how deaths might have been prevented
Nationally renowned civil rights and personal injury attorneys Ben Crump and Bob Hilliard are representing the family of DeAndre Morrow, 28, who was killed in the Amazon warehouse destroyed by a violent tornado Friday, and is meeting with other injured workers and their families who are seeking answers and insights into how deaths might have been prevented to avoid future tragedies.
Attorneys Crump and Hilliard issued the following statement:
“The family members we represent are deeply distraught and want answers to their questions. We are seeking to determine if Amazon did everything in its power to warn employees of the incoming danger from the tornado and provide a designated safe area for employees to shelter. Just three years ago, a tornado struck an Amazon warehouse in Baltimore, Maryland, killing two people. Were lessons learned from that tragedy turned into new policies and were they followed here? We are asking Amazon employees who worked at the fulfillment center to assist us with our investigation and help us understand what warnings were given and what procedures followed. And we commend the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for opening an investigation into workplace safety at the facility. Out of this horrific event, It’s essential that proper protocols be put in place to protect the safety of warehouse workers to the fullest extent possible.”