Bus Carrying Asylum Seekers Stops In Manhattan, Joliet

A bus transporting asylum seekers attempted to drop off their passengers at two Will County Metra stations yesterday afternoon. The first attempted drop off stop was the Manhattan Metra Station, where Manhattan Police were alerted to a large bus in the parking lot. Upon the first officer’s arrival, the bus was leaving the station, but a woman who got off the bus said they were leaving and heading to a different stop because the line that goes through Manhattan has very little service.

A second unit observed the train moving north out of town towards Joliet, where the police department was alerted to the arriving bus. When the bus arrived at Joliet Union Station, Joliet Police notified the driver of the city ordinance restricting buses from dropping off migrants with intent to discharge passengers without proper notification and authority. Learning of this, the driver decided to continue out of Joliet, with escort out of the city limits.