As Congress continues to work on a COVID relief package, Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) joined Congressmen Bradley Byrne (AL-1) and Mark Walker (NC-6) in introducing the School Choice Now Act which would ensure that the six million K-12 students who attend private schools would be included in the emergency aid. This bill is an updated companion to S. 4284 introduced in the Senate by Sens. Tim Scott (SC) and Lamar Alexander (TN). 

As the economic impacts of the pandemic continue to negatively impact families throughout the nation, families of vulnerable students are struggling to cover education expenses. In turn, schools around the country are permanently closing their doors. Already more than 110 schools, including over 60 Catholic institutions, have shuttered, forcing vulnerable students into unfamiliar educational settings in the middle of the pandemic. The number of closures is expected to significantly rise in the coming months.